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Once the baddies are airborn, Vaughn leaves the crates behind

and checks Raimes, who's still alive,

and calls for med evac

Back at the APO, we learn that Raimes is expected to live, Dixon shot him through
the famous 'nothing vital', and it's time for that reveal Jack and Arvin promised us

The reveal - seems the third Derevko sister, Yelena, was a very very bad gal, and a very successful assassin for the KGB, until she had a falling out with everyone, including the KGB and Irina, almost thirty years ago, at which time she disappeared

Then, about a year ago, Jack got a tip on a safe house/cubby hole that Yelena used in Warsaw, and found complete folders on ....

Sydney and ....


which means she's been spying on the gals for quite some time, and as Nadia asks
why, that little necklace ...

transmits the conversation to ...

Sophia, who seems to have changed a bit, as she picks up a call from

this guy again, who says the plane is in the air and calls her ...

Yelena Derevko

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