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Simon seamlessly assumes his role in the plan as "suspicious insecure boss man"

The group sadly does not have time to adequately critique Simon's masterful performance due to their vague need to search out the MacGuffin

It is important to note that Simon and Kaylee's earlier banter on the topic of
swearing comes into play briefly in this scene - Simon finally swears

The Hero of Canton

Whose last name is Cobb

But it looks nothing like our cleverly disguised hero *cough*

Pretty good likeness for a guy they probably never met...

The good doctor, understandably, has a minor nervous breakdown

Jayne is perplexed as to why he has a statue in the center of town

Mal gets introspective

Kaylee gets mildly disturbed

Inara arrives at her picturesque plotline

Enter the Villain of the Week -
He is nearly as well disguised as Jayne

So this will connect with the main plotline, right? I was told it would hook up with the main plotline...

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