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A night scene of boxes - its like a prison only not as fun

The evil magistrate has decided to let one of the prisoner's go out of the kindness of his cold, shriveled heart

That criminal being Jayne's former partner who went skydiving with the money

The Morning After

Mal issues a wakeup call and Simon insults Kaylee's appeal

Kaylee bites back with the most chilling retort known to man - he must order breakfast instead of tromping through the mud to find the MacGuffin

Simon is less than devastated

Zoe attempts to join the Jayne Cobb fan club

Jayne doesn't mind

Mal finds Jayne humorous but must dash - Jayne has to stay behind to distract the mudders while they're off on their urgent-but-not-really search for the MacGuffin

And there it is ... whoopee

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