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River decides to correct for the inconsistencies in the Bible

It doesn't make sense... and does our scene connect to the rest of the episode? 'Cause I've got enough non-sequiturs already

It doesn't have to make sense, you just have to believe - hence it being called "faith"... And yes, this will thematically connect with the rest of the episode

Torn pages

Night on the planet - the intrepid crew having accomplished their goal
of meandering about for several hours

Cue fun exposition song

The crew are surprised to hear Jayne is a folk hero to the mud harvesting community ala Robin Hood

And Simon has another minor nervous breakdown

Jayne sadly exposits that he dropped stolen money on the town
during a heist gone wrong

River tries to return the pages she tore out of the Bible

Unfortunately, Book's hair seems to have exploded in a fit of "wacky-hijinks"

River is mildly surprised...

...and runs away in terror

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