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Jayne's old partner interrupts Simon's breakfast with his search for Jayne

Simon is politely asked to help him find Jayne ...

Meanwhile, back at Inara's shuttle ...

Father is upset over an outlaw who stole from him some time ago named Jayne and now he's planning something to hurt him and isn't Jayne heroic and have I mentioned that he's planning on putting a landlock on Serenity?

Does this mean we've finally connected the plotlines?

Jayne addresses the cheering masses

Previous exposition about the money dropping being accidental and this man being Jayne's betrayed former partner is recapped in front of the mudders

Yeah, we've heard the exposition before - moving along?

Mal looks heroic on the sidelines while Kaylee helps the injured Simon

The extra takes a bullet for Jayne

Alas poor extra, I knew him Horatio

Jayne is upset the boy died for him even after hearing he didn't mean to
drop the cash

Upset by his sham-heroic image, Jayne knocks over his statue

Fallen Jayne

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