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Outside the bar awaits the Jayne fan club

Inside the bar, Jayne appreciates their hospitality - meanwhile...

My son isn't a man yet because he hasn't slept with anyone here - 
which is mainly the mudders so kind of understandable... 
You need to get it on with my kid

First we drink tea and you need to leave us now because - "ewww"

Fess, the magistrate's son, is very grateful

Don't worry, if the River and Book hijinks can hook up to the major
plot, then so can ours!

At the bar, Simon and Kaylee trade in their cussin' banter
for the more desirable drunken flirting

Kaylee smiles as Simon tells of reattaching severed limbs and

Roses are red, violets are blue, covered in engine grease, you're lovely too

On the home front, Book tries to comfort River who fears for Book's brains
under the weight of his hair

Wash and Mal return to bear tidings of Jayne's heroics

Zoe quickly realizes her husband is drunk

At the bar, Jayne carefully interrogates the locals 
about the events following his heroic botched heist

After the statue was put up we had a riot because the magistrate didn't want it there because it commemorated you dropping a box of his money on us

Jayne is touched that they rioted

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