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Back in LA, Sydney tells Vaughn all the exciting details of the Sao Paulo trip

Vaughn's all, great, but what about the Alliance guy you were suppose to ID?

Syd's all, hey, we saved a famous diplomat - that should be enough for one episode

Without stating the obvious, that there is never only one op per episode,
Vaughn gives Sydney a special gift ...

a copy of her father's CIA file, since he knows Syd wants the inside scoop on Dad

So Sydney takes the top-secret confidential file to the public university library and
starts reading it


Oh, and gee, guess what, anybody who walks by could read it too, like Francie, if she doesn't put it away fast enough

Putting the Dad File away for the moment, Francie and Sydney go outside and run into
Will, who says he's researching an SAT story

Francie takes a moment to invite Will to their Halloween party

Syd takes a moment to answer her beeper and escape once more to ...

SD-6 and the new op - Syd and Dixon are suppose to smuggle this bio-tech guy out of
Berlin, away from company goons, so he can give them info on a vaccine against
biological weapons

Marshall's tech involves a nifty credit-car-thingee that bypasses a company's firewall and allows secret files to be uploaded to SD-6

Now the only tricky bit is to correctly ID this guy Schiller, since all they have is a 25-year old pic of the dude

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