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Back in LA

Will meets Kate Jones, who says she went out with Danny for a while, that they were
planning to go to Hong Kong together, but they never did

Will says, oh yeah? Then why does your social security number that's on your credit card that you used at L.A.X. say you died in 1973?

This Kate Jones runs away very quickly

Back in Badenweiler

Syd meets the CIA agents, exchanges the real inhalers for fake ones ...

and gets some compliments from the guys, who say that Vaughn likes her and says she's good

After compliments, Syd disengages the bomb's detonator

and joins Dixon outside, watching the detonator not work ...

and watching in horror as Dixon pulls out a secondary detonator and pushes the button

and the plant, and assorted CIA agents, blow up

Bad Day in Badenweiler

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