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Jack takes a moment to apologize for standing Sydney up on their dinner date, and he'll probably be busy for the next millenium, too

Syd's already figured that one out

At the self storage, Syd meets Paul Kelvin, who knows her dad and whom she is going
to switch for Real Schiller

Seems VW is ahead of Ford again, so to speak, and the US need the German tech, and if a baddie would get it, the baddie could start a bio-war and still protect his own people

Syd says they really need to tell Dixon, but Vaughn says, nope, no way, forcing Dixon to be a double is not Syd's choice

Shortly thereafter It's Berliner Sydney

who gets into the company building through the front door and uses the directory to find ...

Real Schiller

To make sure no one notices Schiller's departure, Dixon prepares to gas the whole
building ...

which is why Sydney and Schiller put on gas masks while they ....

upload the anti-viral formula

Now Syd changes the street pick-up location with Dixon so that she and real Schiller
can walk through the garage, where ...

the substitute is made

So Real Syd and Fake Schiller run like heck, out of the garage ...

and into Dixon's waiting van, while Real Schiller is being shipped unseen back to the Real CIA

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