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Back in LA, it's party prep time

and confession time as Will owns up to Francie that he was really on campus checking out Kate Jones, the woman who was suppose to be sitting next to Dead Danny on a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong on Danny's Fatal Day

Francie suggests that if Will would not like to have a Fatal Day too, at the hands of angry Sydney, then he should stop the research

At the CIA safehouse in LA

Real Schiller wants to see Sloane, and to see proof that Vaughn and Co are the Real CIA

uh ...

so Vaughn checks in with his gang of two-way-mirror-watchers and suggests a
fast trip to Langley for Schiller, as well as giving some exposition about a secret
program that SD-6 unintentionally downloaded with the nearly-fake biotech info
that will let the CIA steal SD-6 computer files

and it was all Vaughn's idea

Ah, Syd must realize that behind those forehead wrinkles hides a good spy mind

Back at SD-6, the fake info, and the secret CIA program, is being downloaded

All's right with the world if Sloane can get the final bit of info from Schiller, the location of the prototype vaccine inhaler

Now this poses some problems since Fake Schiller hasn't the foggiest, and tries for a stall

which gets Sloane suspicious of Syd's change of meeting point in Berlin and
questioning Dixon for more info on the change

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