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So Jack does double duty - passing the info to Fake Schiller and extracting said info
out of Fake Schiller - and demonstrates some of his info extraction techniques

which includes breaking Schiller's arm

and getting Schiller to say Badenweiler

So it's off to Badenweiler for Syd and Dixon, to retrieve the inhalers and then blow up
the plant

Vaughn gives Syd her countermission - get the inhalers, give the real ones to the CIA
guys who will be in the plant, get fake inhalers to give to SD-6, disable Dixon's
bomb so the CIA guys don't blow up, and leave

Syd gets that, but doesn't get a missing case file in her father's files, involving someone named Calder

Vaughn says, yep, he doesn't get it either, but Calder's FBI, which means Jack must have been investigated by the FBI

Meanwhile, Will gets some more info on Kate Jones from his airline tipster

Shortly thereafter, it's Badenweiler, and Sydney and Dixon breaking and entering

and running

Dixon sets the bomb

while Sydney wires a fake emergency signal to clear the builiding

and steals the inhalers

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