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But first, It's Halloween, and Sydney's alias is Alice tonight

The Dixons' arrive

Dixon gets some private words with Sydney, about Sloane's suspicions, and about Sloane wanting this prototype location, which their Schiller isn't spilling

Will gets some private words with Francie, including advice about calling Charlie, and a promise that he's dropping the Kate-Jones/Dead-Danny investigation

Moments later, Will gets a call from a Kate Jones

Back at the CIA safe house, the guys are about to leave for Langley when

Syd arrives, saying Fake Schiller is in deep doo-dah if he doesn't tell Sloane the whereabouts of the inhaler prototypes, info they need from Real Schiller

So Syd tells all to Real Schiller, with those sincere Syd tears and all, and ...

Real Schiller says plant is in Badenweiler

In a rare move, Syd calls Dad Jack for some help to get the info on Badenweiler
to Fake Schiller to spill to Sloane

Jack was already called in to SD-6 by Sloane, which he realizes was probably
due to his successful info extraction techniques

Sloane confirms - Jack needs to get the info on the prototype location

Jack says, yeah, sure, you betcha

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