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Once Vaughn gets his face out of the wall, he does the intros, then says they've got word that K-Directorate has an evil doctor dude at the Bucharest hospital, and that they should pull Syd out with an extraction team

Now Jack doesn't think so highly of this idea, since it would expose Sydney to SD-6, and since Sydney's life revolves around bringing down SD-6 and not meeting her hunky handler, and hey, you're in deep doo-dah with me because you pulled my file last week

Vaughn says, since Syd thinks Jack is KGB, and Jack already knows that, what's
the fuss about file pulling already?

Jack says, meeting's over - and thus begins a not-so-beautiful friendship

Back in Bucharest, the evil doctor is convinced Syd didn't get any info from Shepard
and is ready to kill her when

Syd offers a deal - Shepard's more likely to talk to her, so let her try and work with Shepard through his confused psyche to find the DNA body location

Evil doctor dude says OK, you've got till tonight to get the info

Shepard's doing a little gardening

when Syd approaches

and says she knows what's happening to his mind, and that they need to help each other or they'll both be killed

Shepard's sure he's seen her before, and sure she's probably one of the bad guys who have messed with his head, and he's not leaving in his current messed-up-in-the-mind state,

all of which leads to an artistic picture of Syd Despair in Bucharest

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