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By this point, Syd is totally freaked by realizing Shepard is Danny's killer,
and she runs outside for a while to cry

When Syd returns to the safe house, she tells Shepard her whole story, about
telling Danny she was a spy, about SD-6 having him murdered, about her being
a double agent now for the CIA, and about being pretty sure McCullough at SD-6
was Shepard's programmer

Shepard asks if he tells her where the DNA guy is buried, will it help bring down SD-6?


Once back in LA

tells Sloane where Shepard said he buried the body

When Sloane asks where Shepard is, Syd says he went totally wacko with the remembering of killings and committed suicide

Now in self-storage, Sydney tells Vaughn the truth, that Shepard didn't commit suicide
but instead she helped him escape

Syd says Shepard's as much a victim of SD-6 as she is

Vaughn says, glad you're back, I talked with Jack who knows about the file, and Happy Thanksgiving

A little while later, Sydney arrives home to find a distraut Francie


and a burning fricaseed turkey

and just a good hug from regular non-spy folk

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