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Well, the turkey must have been saved, or at least duplicated, since Thanksgiving
dinner is happening, with Will and his suprise date, his young intern Jenny

and Charlie and Francie and lots of food and wine and cider

and a proposal by Charlie

and Francie saying yes

and hugs all around

About then, Syd gets a visitor


Jack drops by to tell Syd that Shepard killed Danny, he's just sayin', as part of his open agenda policy with Sydney from now on

and he's also there to give Syd a signed FBI report they did on Jack that cleared him of being an agent for the KGB

Jack says since the fatal car accident that killed her mom happened because of
this FBI probe, he is in a sense responsible for the accident, and
wishes he could
give Syd back her mom

Sydney says she doesn't need to see the report - awwwww

Back at SD-6, Sloane fills in Syd on the MacGuffin trail - she got the encoder
last episode, which needed the dead guy's DNA to work, which they got this
episode from Shepard's info, which then let them decode a message on a
smiley faced card from the FTL they found last episode, which said
there was this Rambaldi device the FTL had just sent to Oxford for study

So the next MacGuffin for the next episode - get the Rambaldi device in Oxford

Ah, yeah, sure, you betcha

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