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Meanwhile at the newspaper, Will's editor gives him the go ahead for a story on the
Danny Hecht/Eloise Kurtz murders, and if he doesn't do it, she'll give the assignment
to someone else

In self-storage, Vaughn gives Syd her countermission in Oxford, to take pics of
the Rambaldi device for the CIA, and watch out for Anna Espinosa, who seems
to be after the same thing

And Vaughn had Thanksgiving with his mother, and he broke up with Alice at some unspecified time prior to this moment

Verrryy interesting

Back home, Syd gets a treat

A postcard from Martin Shepard

with a nice message

At SD-6, Syd drops by with some Thanksgiving leftovers to Dad


Jack smiles!

Syd smiles!

And Sloane tells the Alliance he's on a mole hunt

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