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Syd, ever resilient, tries again, this time noticing ...

his peculiar use of colors, which leads her to realize he can't see in color

Again, Shepard's positive he's seen Syd before, and that's she's probably somehow connected with his mind mess

Syd tells Shepard he was trained to kill on a verbal command, and when he kills he sees things in black and white so it doesn't look real and he can forget the kill, only the training is short circuiting and he's remembering


Back in LA, Will sees a story about a woman found shot to death in a local park,
a woman named Eloise Kurtz

Will goes to his editor with the info on the Kurtz murder, connected to the Hecht murder, and he wants to investigate this story

Editor says, bring it back when it's developed further

Back in Bucharest, Shepard is dreaming

in black and white, with glimpses of poor ol' Dead Danny Hecht

and a picture of Sydney, under a Happy Birthday banner

Meanwhile, Sydney knocks out the guard taking her back to the evil doctor,

grabs a janitor's uniform

and tries to open the double-keyed entry by herself


only to be stopped by evil doctor and bad orderly

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