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But wait, it's Shepard to the rescue

who's ready to leave

which pleases Syd immensely

So they escape, hijack a car, and drive to a safehouse

Meanwhile at SD-6, Sloane stops by to talk to Marshall

Marshall reports that the hacker's leak is plugged

Sloane says don't worry, it was a security section test, and that Marshall was the only one that caught it, so good work


Back to the safe house somewhere near Bucharest

Syd calls the CIA number and gets

Dad, who tells her which airport to go to and which chartered flight to take, and it's all OK. OK?

Now Shepard starts to talk about remembering, seeing the murders, and he calls
Sydney by name

which freaks Syd out since he shouldn't know her name

What freaks her out even more is Shepard telling her about how he knows her name, about a kill he made

of this guy in the bathroom who had this picture of Sydney under the Happy Birthday banner

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