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Back in SD-6, Sloane is having some Sloane-type fun with Sark

Now we're going to make you eat this ball of glass unless you tell me why the Kashmir Rambaldi bit was a bust

Cause the Indian government busted it up with bombs

After accepting Sark's explanation at face value, Sloane holds the next
mission meeting to direct Sark and Syd to go after an echelon thingy of Cuvée's
that will allow them to read all NSA and government messages

Sark explains that this is really great stuff and he won't goof up this time   Large    

Oh, yeah?   Large    

On her way out of the office, Marshall gives Syd a camera to take some
Paris pictures for him to insert himself in for his mom

Once again with the self-storing Vaughn and Sydney, Vaughn explains that
Syd will upload a special booby-trapped echelon access file thingy to 
the SD-6 computer so that the info will disappear when it is opened

Cool, and I like your new suit

Thanks, it's my funeral suit and I just came from Alice's dad's funeral

Ouch, Alice talk avoidance

Ouch, more angst

On to the beautiful stock footage of over-exposed Paris

Sydney fiddles with traffic signals

while Sark follows up in a gendarme car and hat and cap and the whole shebang

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