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On another one of those overcoat days in chilly LA, Will and Vaughn meet

How about taking this psych test, and if you answer the questions correctly, we'll give you a job

Hey, great!

Will's psych test

Later, Syd and Will are discussing said test in a bar when in walks ...

Vaughn and Alice

Sorry about your dad, Alice

Thanks, and Michael has been such a help, and I get to call
him Michael

Angsty stares   Large    

Angsty stare avoidance   Large    

Light bulb moment for Will, who is getting some good insight into the
Vaughn and Syd thing, and like a great friend gets Syd out of there

A few departing ...


Later, at SD-6, Sark explains that the echelon thingy didn't work
but there is a back-up on a computer in London

Since you won't be able to hack into the computer without Marshall, Syd,
I'm sending Marshall on his first mission and he's your new partner

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