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Don't worry, it'll be OK


Back self-storing, Sydney reluctantly agrees to Vaughn's plan to bring Marshall
into the CIA once Marshall gets a glimpse of the echelon code thingy because
he will realize that anything Syd substitutes will indeed be a substitute,
or something like that

And about the bar the other night ...

Um, glad you got the surveillance tapes disposed of, but I gotta go now before we discuss anything that is going to make me even more angsty

More angsty sighs

Meanwhile at SD-6, Jack meets with Ariana Kane

So, fess up to everything and give me all the intimate details of your life in the past ten years   Large    

Forget it   Large    

As Syd and Marshall go on their mission, Syd learns that this is
Marshall's first time in an airplane and he's packin' a chute

Stock London picture seasonally designated to make sure viewers
know that there won't be any new episodes until after the New Year

Syd gives Marshall suave tips

Marshall gives their mark a diversionary tip about Bach

while Syd slips their mark a mickey and lifts his key card from his pocket

At the computer server building, Marshall and Syd get past the guard on the ground level

but get surprised by a couple of guards on the computer level   Large    

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