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Eee che wah wah! Marshall diverts the guards with 
his mastery of the language of the Ewoks

while Syd demonstrates her mastery of the punch and kick,

and Marshall demonstrates his ability to get shot by a tranquilizer gun

Syd helps a groggy Marshall into the computer room

and tries to get him to wake up, but nothing seems to work until ...

Syd kisses Marshall

who wakes right up, gets into the computer system, and then promptly passes out once again

and has to be helped out of the building by Syd in order to get back
to the concert before the intermission

Luckily, they arrive just in time, as viewed by a mysterious person
with a set of opera glasses

Marshall and Syd return to LA

This was great and I'm so glad that I work for SD-6 because they are the good guys   Large    

Syd succumbs to hugging sweet Marshall

Eat your heart out, Vaughn and Will!

But all good things must come to an end, and so Marshall is
unfortunately kidnapped on the way home

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