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Syd drops an unobstrusive bomb on a truck thought to be carrying the echelon
encryption code thingy in the middle of Parisian traffic

Syd rappels into the truck

Hey, the truck is empty

Hmm, I spy with my little eye an escaping guy with a briefcase with
the echelon encryption thingy

We spy Syd running

and leaping and kicking

and getting away with the briefcase in Sark's gendarme getaway car

Back in LA at Irina's cell

Hey, how are you, and maybe we're still married

Forget it and how about you telling us what you are really up to in exchange for a nice place on Puget Sound with some good looking US Marshals for company?

Another enigmatic expression

At SD-6 headquarters, Jack meets the head of Alliance security, Ariana Kane

Oooo, are you behind the Emily stuff with Sloane?

I know everything, but sometimes I know nothing   Large    

So what the heck does Sloane know?   Large    

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