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Back at their house

Francie gets a bday hug from Syd

and Will

Back at SD-6, Ariana Kane gets no hugs

If you think I'm frightening, just remember that everyone at the Alliance is too frightened of you to do anything, everyone except Jack Bristow

And Sloane smiles as enigmatic a smile as Irina has ever given

Jack visits Irina once more to get her answer about fessin' up and gettin' out

Nope, nothin' to fess

Oh, and you're right, we're still married   Large    

And you can come talk to me anytime, Big Boy   Large    

And as Jack leaves, once more Irina reverts to "the smile",
or maybe she's just getting ready to eat that fly

In the rotunda, Vaughn gets word that the CIA was not able
to intercept Marshall

Unfortunately for Marshall, the creepy Asian dentist was the interceptor

and it looks like "bye bye, bicuspids" for the plucky SD-6 tech guy

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