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MacGuffin - satellite spy-hole into Echelon which Sydney explains for Will
and the audience who didn't catch up after the prolonged "previously on Alias" scenes

Syd and Will's domestic moment of security breach

It's OK stuff, this Echelon, because our government is doing the spying, not the bad guys

This is good??

In an unknown location, the creepy dentist is about to torment poor Marshall
in an effort to get back the Echelon codes for his employer

and so he pours epoxy resin down Marshall's throat, with a promise
that he'll pour the hardener too if Marshall doesn't provide the codes

Back at Francie's restaurant

Hey, I've got this crush on this guy named Michael who I work with


Later at the Joint Task Force place, Syd learns that Marshall was
abducted by Cuvée

Jack explains that SD-6 got the Echelon codes in a series of emails,
several of which went missing in an email server in Ho Chi Minh city,
and that Sloane doesn't give a rat's patootie about finding Marshall

So I have to get the codes for SD-6 so that they can get Echelon? What about Mom?

Your mom I don't trust, although she offered to help us find the MacGuffin spy-hole satellite

Don't worry, be happy - here's your op tech to foul up the emails
again for SD-6 and we'll find Marshall

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