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In a nightclub in Mexico City

Syd sneaks

while Dixon deejays and monitors the systems

Syd gets into the building where Marshall is and beats up a bunch of guys,
only to find that she and Marshall are trapped on the 47th floor with no way out

"My name is Marshall Flinkmann and I'm here to save you", which I can do since I still have my parachute

A stunned Syd, just before she and Marshall parachute to safety, must be wondering if the Star Wars parallels demand that she then be Marshall's long lost sister?

Back at SD-6, everyone welcomes Marshall's return

Even slimy Sloane puts on a good show

It was really gross watching Sloane

Yeah, sure  <sigh>

Later at Sloane's house

Arvin, I didn't kill Emily and I need your help

Sure thing

And so Sloane helps Jack by calling and

alerting Ariana Kane to where Jack is

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