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Back in LA

Sloane congratulates Dixon and Sydney for getting them the codes

which makes Syd feel even worse

and so she tells Vaughn as they self-store

Well, to make you feel even worse worse, a bunch of CIA people blew up looking for Marshall, so they have given up the search

which makes Syd feel even worse

Back at Francie's restaurant, in the midst of the planned ketchup migration

Did you know that Syd likes someone named Michael? Isn't that great and sad?

Uh ... sure

And as the ketchup continues to migrate, Francie gives Will the notice
to stop at the post office that was left in the mail for him

So Will stops at the post office, which is actually a meeting with Vaughn

Great news - you've got a job with the CIA as an analyst

Gee, swell, but I have to say

You're really important to Syd and so you'd better not hurt her

OK, he's getting flack and he hasn't even kissed the gal

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