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Back at the secret Marshall location, Marshall is recreating the code

while secretly pinging SD-6

which Dixon figures out and convinces Sloane to let Syd and him go to rescue Marshall, who it turns out is in Mexico City

Meanwhile back at the CIA task force, lots of satellite pinging

Need coffee

Gosh darn it

and another enigmatic smile to the cute guy whose father she killed and who is getting her coffee

Later at a nice outdoor restaurant

OK, you check out except for a couple of things, one being your cell phone chippy thingy that has codes for where you make calls from

Tell me the second so that I can stall for time

and these nice CIA people in the van can give me a new
cell phone chippy thingy with the right codes

which is what the nice CIA people are trying to do

The second thing is, who is Haladki and why is his brain tissue in your gun?

He was a baddie that I shot

A piece of info about Jack, and Haladki's death, that Vaughn did not know

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