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But now the creepy dentist threatens Marshall's mom

which has Marshall agreeing to use his photographic memory to reconstruct the Echelon code

Meanwhile at SD-6 Jack has found his office confiscated by

the creepy Ariana Kane, who has taken away Jack's access to just about everything

But I can out-sneer you anytime

Back at the CIA, Jack gets busy trying to cover all the false tracks he has placed
for Kane to find, like faking his fingerprints, tickets, surveillance footage

Across the ocean in Ho Chi Minh city

Syd gives a lecture to the guys who work in the building of the lost email

while Dixon monitors

Syd puts the group to sleep with some cool lights

and then makes for the email server hard drives, but finds that the one they want is missing

which brings Dixon into the caper

Dixon beats Syd to the hard drive repair area and finds the missing drive

Curses, foiled again - could the heavy eye shadow be affecting Syd's
spying capabilities?

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