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Fixing a new cell phone chippy thingy which a CIA waiter passes to Jack 

who gives it to Ariana and leaves

only to discover that the chippy thingy label was still wet

which Ariana Kane also discovers - here's a shot
of her smudgy fingers, since the big hair is kind of scary

Kane sends goons to catch Jack, who escapes in the CIA van

but has an uncomfortable ride

with Vaughn who now knows about Haladki

In the meantime, Irina works and finds

the spy hole, which the CIA then plugs,

causing the tech guy at SD-6 to have very bad news for Sloane, namely that they just lost access to Echelon

In Mexico City, Marshall prepares Echelon access for the dentist ...

except that he made him Pong instead

Wonderful, brave and very smart Marshall pulled a fabulous fast one - what a cutey!

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