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On the run, Jack ducks into a movie theatre to meet a contact who it turns out was contacted in the head by a bullet

from a gun now placed at Jack's throat

and in classic movie style, Jack and assailants fight silhouetted against the screen
before Jack makes a run for it, running into the parking lot and finding a car waiting for him

Quick, Dad, get in the car

Um, didn't we have this rescue in the pilot episode?

Tit for tat, Dad. Now spill the beans, flatfoot, so we can get the audience caught up

While Jack summarizes this predicament for all of the viewers,

the CIA monitors and directs Sydney where to drive that big black Mercury

into the old escape truck, and once again the trackers are foiled

Back at the CIA, Jack continues to bring us and Syd up to date

OK, if SD-6 is after you, I'm playing hooky

You can't, because they'll suspect you, too

So Syd shows up at SD-6 and gets   Large    

suspicious looks from Kane and flunky

Marshall, on the other hand, gives Syd a large quantity of roses for saving his life

and gives Dixon some cologne - aw, Marshall, you cutie

Sloane gives them an assignment - go to France to get a gyroscopic doodad
that turns crummy missiles into good ones

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