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In Nice, the CIA waits in a cramped little office in the airport
for the gyroscope doodad caper to begin

Hey, I almost died, you need to talk to me about your problems, and you and Syd need to go to dinner

Yeah, right, like I'd listen to you ... but on the other hand ...

Meanwhile, Syd struts in purple and metal

as Dixon monitors and waylays the targets

and Syd fixes Marshall's latest gadget, a slashy ring that cuts through clothing

After several trips through the security monitors by heavily-metalled Syd

she takes off her shirt and does a quick lift of the gyroscope doodad from the courier, who is in line behind her

and pockets the doodad

which she hands over to the CIA in their airport room

Things still frosty between agent and handler until ...

How about dinner and no insults?

Wow, nummers!

Nummers ... yeah   Large    

Weiss' nummers dance

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