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Back in LA

Vaughn is typing his report

You know, you may want to avoid the truth since you and Syd are saving the world more times than you actually cause total geopolitcal upheaval. And sorry for the bad advice   Large    


At another console, Jack and nice glasses guy look at
South American hotel pictures of Briault

and discover that Ariana Kane was there, too

Jack tells Kendall he's headed for SD-6 to get some more info about money accounts for Briault and Kane, so he can clear himself with the Alliance   Large    

Moderately-agreeable Kendall - and he does seem not to be gyrating as much this episode, which makes these screen captures easier   Large    

At SD-6, Jack sneaks a peak at the Briault/Kane South American
accounts but they are empty. Unfortunately, Kane sneaks a peak at him and

has him brought to the Green Room for conversation and a little sodium

and a lot of dangerous questions

But wait! An unexpected rescue from Sloane, who steps in to release Jack

and arrest Kane on the South American account info

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