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Hi, I am your jolly host and I have a nice room key for you,
nudge, nudge, wink, wink

You into winks and nudges?   Large    

Oooo, maybe .... winks and nudges, you say?

Back at the CIA, word goes out that Vaughn's library card has been ID'd

Damn, they've got you carded

Vaughn leaves most thoughts of winks and nudges behind

as the Alliance goons enter the restaurant

and Vaughn makes a dashing exit, firing cover for Syd and him

until they are cornered in the alley

Vaughn turns to man of action and kills the two goons

Well, problem is that SD-6 will be suspicious, so you have to give them the real gyroscope doodad, which will give them invaluable technology and so our dinner has affected the geopolitical balance of the world

Major bummer

Bummer, and Syd still won't call him Michael

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