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Vaughn gives Syd her counter mission, to get them the gyroscope doodad and give SD-6 a fake,
and lets slip that he's known about Jack's predicament for 3 weeks, which does not make Syd happy

Hey, your dad said not to tell, and anyway, I wanted to protect you from more worries

Yeah, well stop making those decisions, and you didn't tell me about Alice

He ain't gonna win this one and he knows it

Back in the CIA rotunda, Jack reads his email and discovers a massive
note from Sloane, explaining the whole Alliance neck thingy he's got

Seems that Sloane's neck thingy is a microphone, GPS, and Bone's exam table from Star Trek, all in one.
So Sloane had to tell Kane about Jack's visit at the end of the last episode because they knew already.
He suggersts that Jack look at former Alliance member Briault as possible link to the Emily business

Jack goes visiting Irina with this info

Wanna brainstorm?

Ya, sure, you betcha   Large    

Meanwhile, back at SD-6 headquarter, the newly-helpful Sloane
tells Ariana Kane to lay off investigating Sydney

Right, like I'd listen to you   Large    

Back at the CIA rotunda, it's a mite chily

Can we talk mission?

You wanna edit it so I don't worry too much?   Large    

The newly-returned Weiss, missing for that past eleven episodes as he worked
on his new sitcom, offers a slight thaw in the chill with a jovial entrance

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