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Jack visits Irina and fills her in on capturing Kane, whom he notes might have been set up by Sloane   Large    

and discovers that his lovely wife had similar suspicions   Large    

Self-storing Vaughn and Sydney are happy campers this time around because,
in the chaos at SD-6, Syd lifted the real gyroscope doodad and replaced it with the fake

So we saved the world from total geopolitical upheaval once again, despite our nummery dinner

OK, maybe someday in the distant future, she might actually call him Michael - when pigs fly or when the series nears a finale

Later at Francie's restaurant, Syd and Francie drink and Syd
explains that her co-worker crush is a dead-end thing

while at some undisclosed green location, Sloane gets a nifty ring that will deactivate his neck thingy whenever he wants from this tech guy

and he is so pleased that he deactivates the guy who built it for him

Later, on a beach in the Phillipines

Sloane walks up to a beach house

We did it Emily, we're free   Large    

Happy and alive Emily!   Large    

And who would have thought that the first romantic kiss of the season would be Sloane's?

So Emily is alive, albeit digitally deprived, Sloane gets a little lovin', and the world is saved
from geopolitical upheaval, provided that there aren't any more dinner dates for Syd and Vaughn

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