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Eagerly awaiting Dixon's code, which comes and proves that the CIA
has all the info to take down all of the Alliance

and so the troops prepare to invade SD-6

Kendall almost smiles as he says go

but poor Syd is not feeling like smiling

Credit Dauphine, just before

the CIA vans roll into the parking garage

Vaughn and Syd get ready

and put on masks and get flashlights and guns

Meanwhile, a poignant Marshall moment with the wonderful Dixon. just before

the CIA arrives

and Dixon makes Marshall duck

and there is lots of shooting and mayhem

Sydney runs

while Geiger is getting ready to administer the lethal shock

which is inches away from Jack

when Syd rushes in

and plugs Geiger

and unplugs dad before handing him over to the medic

The CIA gathers the bewildered and the disillusioned SD-6ers

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