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Back at self- storage, it seems that the server data shows how to
get into all Alliance facilities, which means they can take down the Alliance, says Syd

Vaughn strongly supports Syd's position

but Kendall says the position isn't definite since they don't know if the data is real

Jack suggests he's in a position to check out the weekly secret code
and so he'll do just that at SD-6

Changing positions to a table in Francie's restaurant

Francie and Will position their flirting in front of Syd

who thinks it's really cool ... or maybe hot ... or maybe

Back in LA

Geiger wants the tech guy to fiind out what keystrokes Sloane deleted from an email


Keystrokes show that Sloane knew that Jack and Syd were double agents

So Geiger meets Jack with a firm handshake and a hearty Gottcha!

Jack calls Syd about her joining the party at SD-6, but adds a little something extra to the message

which shocks Syd


Dad's cover is up, he's uncovered, undone, about to be un-dad

Syd passes along a word of warning to Will that he and Francie
need to leave town for a bit to be safe

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