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Back at SD-6's green room of torture

Jack makes some small talk

and Geiger makes threats to torture Jack

which he does

Back at the CIA, Syd says they need to get the code from SD-6
or else Kendall won't go after the Alliance

Vaughn, who would like to sleep one of these nights, does not want Syd to get it herself

but Syd has another idea

So Syd calls Dixon and they meet at the oil wells

Syd explains it all, that SD-6 is not part of the CIA, so Dixon doesn't work for the CIA, but for the Alliance

but Dixon isn't buying it

No way


Syd pleads for him to get the code, which will also prove to him that SD-6 is the Alliance

A difficult decision for an honest man - and what an absolutely fabulous scene for these two actors

Dixon returns to SD-6 and accesses the code

and discovers that Syd is right

He ponders, he writes the email to Syd

and he calls his wife once more

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