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Syd self-stores with Dad and tells about this secret SD-6 server

and Jack decides to get the CIA to look into it

The besuited CIA discovers that the server exists on a 747 that is always in the air
and the guys give Syd her tech stuff for the op

You get to be the girl of the week for this sleazy guy who is always flying with the server, but just to get the data

Uh, and I'm dressing how?

Weiss ponders thoughts of appropriate mission attire, factoring
in the Super Bowl demographics

Later, somewhere over the Atlantic

Weiss and Vaughn monitor Syd in the nearby plane, appreciating the way she knocks out the sleaze  Video    

while she accesses the secret server in the red outfit

They also monitor her fight, and her attempt to get away from the gun-toting schmuck who didn't like the black outfit,

which she does by shooting one guy and then shooting out the window to blow the pressurized door

Vaughn does not think that this is a good idea

Meanwhile, the baddies are sucked outside the plane and into the engine

while Syd desperately struggles to reach the parachute closet

and then desperately straps on a parachute, before parachuting out of the plane to safety

and Vaughn realizes once more he probably won't be sleeping well tonight

Back in LA, crustaceans bring on an attack of


between Francie and Will

who seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves

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