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He breathes, he's cool

She's happy, she's pleased

and she's getting those hot thoughts too

At the meeting at the CIA, Kendall explains for the new
audience the nature of SD-6 and the mission to bring it down

He explains this man Arviin Sloane is bad

and this man is the guest head of SD-6 while the bad man Sloane is missing

and he tells the Bristows to get close to the guest head Geiger

Wow, is this the end of Sloane?

There is never an end to Sloane, Syd ... other than the 'e'

while Vaughn is most likely experiencing more osculatory thoughts

At SD-6 headquarters

Geiger is in his office

while Dixon comments to Syd that the guy gives him the creeps

Syd goes to meet the creep

Hi there, and tell me about Danny

Syd tells about her dead fiancé Danny, thereby linking this episode nicely to the pilot where Danny met his death

After unnerving Syd with questions, he goes for the close-up

Afterwards, Sark offers a few choice words on the creepy Geiger
and how they all have secrets

Yeah, yeah, I know

Ah, but did you know that he accessed a secret server, server number 47, which has all of Sloane's SD-6 secrets on it?

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