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After Sloane threw Syd the keys last week and demanded that she drive his getaway car, the police surrounded the bank in Zurich

but backed off when Sloane showed them his detonator

 So Syd, Uncle Sloane and the tiny little blue Ford Focus
tootled off down the road

with Sloane reminding Syd that he promised to kill her if she got in his way

Meanwhile, in the extremely dark bank basement, Vaughn calls Marshall with some ideas on keeping the C4 from blowing by putting it in a safe to separate it from the detonator signal

Marshall says that will work fine, and then asks what make, model, and color is Syd's car, thus getting one more product placement added to the episode 

The safe trick worked and the detonation signal is lost

so Sark tells Sloane that they are going to plan B

which has Sark and goons pullin up next to Syd's Focus

so Sloane can take a flying leap

into the car with Sark and the guns,

while the guns fire at the hood of ...

the poor tiny little blue Ford Focus!

Very very angry Sydney!

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