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Jack takes the bug to Marshall, since this is a Jack-light episode
and he needs some scenes

Marshall explains that this bug is one he built for SD-6 and it's untraceable

so Jack says trace it

Back in Zurich, a nicely Rambaldified entrance of Sark,
framed in the hole-ey manuscript

that looks like Sloane has been using for paper dolls

and once again Sark looks a bit disgruntled with his partner as he gives him info that the absent Caplan's assembly of the device worked, said device being a suitcase neutron bomb

In Kandahar

a bagged Sloane

meets an opium lord and general nogoodnic named Kabir with whom he wants to do business and says ...

"All I have is a vision of an enterprise that will influence an existing world order that I believe to be corrupt"
(Ooo, spec potential here) 

Back in LA, Syd exercises

while Not Francie watches

and then acts all hurt that Syd doesn't talk to her anymore

and then acts all creepy by touching Syd's hair, which is interrupted by a phone call for Syd to come to the CIA ASAP

After Syd leaves, Not Francie makes a call to Sark to say
that the bugs were found

and Sark tells Not Francie to find someone to frame for the bugs

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