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At the CIA, a Sloane sighting is discussed

Expository Jack explains that someone saw Sloane meet this Kabir guy in Kandahar, but that they need to find a way to get into Kabir's digs

Syd explains that Dixon is the one that went into Kabir's digs last year at SD-6

and Kendall tells Syd to go ask Dixon for directions

Which isn't a great idea since when Syd shows up at the Dixons' house, she is met with

totally uncooperative Dixons, who say go away

Now Vaughn gets to self-store with Will, whom he tells to get all suited up
and come to the CIA for a special meeting on one of Will's research papers on Kabir

Uh, sure, I get a scene in this episode?

Back at Kabir's, Sloane admires this statue of an arhat,
a destroyer of enemies

You destroy my ex and you'll be my friend

Ya, sure, you betcha

Back at the CIA, poor Will, whose suit didn't fit, gets to meet the
appropriately credentialed experts

and listens to their ideas, which are the same old trying to find a warlord who hates Kabir and will squeal on him

Will counters with an idea of going after the ex-wife of this Kabir guy and asking for her help since she hates her ex's guts, and she works in Mexico City at the Vatican Embassy

Hmmmm, and where are those dimples now?

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