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Back at the CIA

Jack describes the situation in Mexico city and the fact that Sark was seen in the location, so he must have set off the device for Sloane,

while Marshall gives the science for it, saying that it was like cooking people in a microwave

Expositioning Jack ponders why Sloane would use this extremely dangerous device
that would mean swift action from them, and use it only to rub out an ex-wife of a petty war lord

Weiss says that's not all, the bugs in Syd's house included a bedroom camera, so someone is going to be enjoying quite a show

Uh oh

Smiling Syd calls Francie and breaks off their date for that night

while unsmiling Not Francie says she's too busy anyway

and we see that she is busy, killing the plumber who fixed their plumbing and in whose locker she plants some bug evidence

Before Syd goes to Kandahar, Marshall tells Syd about her new
tech suit that will allow her to be invisible to heat sensors

and Syd understands that unless her mask gets ripped off, she will remain invisible

After parachuting into Kabir's compound in the suit, first thing that happens is the maps from the ex don't work, and the second thing that happens is that her mask gets ripped off, so she's caught

Back in LA, Vaughn argues for rescuing Syd

while Kendall says only if they find another way into the compound

So Vaughn goes to see Dixon and begs for help to rescue Syd     Video    

and so the Dixons are faced with a major dilemma of should they or shouldn't they

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