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In Mexico City at the Vatican Embassy where Kabir's ex works

Sark is busy setting up the Rambaldi suitcase neutron bomb

when an old lady walks into the church

who turns out to be Syd, looking for

Kabir's ex, who doesn't want to talk

Weiss talks, though, because he just got an Echelon message
about weapon, attack, Rambaldi, and the Vatican Embassy in Mexico City

and warns Vaughn to get Syd and get outta there, 
and so Vaughn warns Syd, who knocks out Kabir's ex

and so Syd, Vaughn, and unconscious Kabir's ex get outta there

just as everyone evacuates, but not in time

before  the neutron bomb goes off and everyone incinerates

leaving only charred remains

which appall Vaughn and Syd

and convince Kabir's ex to help

and which appear on the news

which pleases Kabir so much that he give Sloane 40 million 

and the cute statue that Sloane had been admiring

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