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Syd is caught, and horror of horrors, kissed goodbye by Sloane

shortly before Kabir wants to begin some unscheduled knee surgery, but is interrupted by ...

hatted Vaughn, who shoots Kabir   Video    

and gets a very warm welcome from Syd

who is amazed to also see ...

Dixon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

which gets the tears flowing for a moment before they make their
escape with the suitcase neutron bomb

Back in LA, Dad says welcome home to Syd

You did good, girl

Yeah, but Sloane's still out there

Dixon, menwhile, is just 'over there', across the CIA rotunda,
sitting at his new desk



Bubble time for Syd

Vaughn offers wine, a promise of another Zamboni sighting

and gets a brief smile

and offers some comforting rubs to help clean away the thoughts of
Sloane horrors to be undoubtedly seen in upcoming episodes

Back in Zurich, Sloane breaks open the priceless artifact gift from Kabir

and finds the missing piece to the page of his Rambaldi document

and looks rather amazed, maybe a smidgen weirded out, and definitely scruffy

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