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A lovely picture of the hills of Tuscany

and a lovely villa with pool where a nice Emily and a not-so-nice
Sloane are strolling

and Sloane is all sweetness and smiles

and Emily is all sweetness and smiles

Back in LA

Kendall is not all sweetness and smiles as he tells Jack exactly what he thinks of the underhanded trick with switching the trackers so that Jack could be put in charge

and Jack says yeah, yeah, you'll get your job back when Syd is safe from Irina

and Marshall is confused on who to report to

and so both Jack and Kendall yell at Marshall

who tells them both that Irina's bug is starting to broadcast

So if Jack planted the bug, does that make him Bugger Jack?

from Stuttgart, where Irina is visiting a biotech company that does
human genome work

and whose head she charms

and whose building Sark monitors

while the CIA also monitors

and parks their van in front of the biotech company, thereby alerting
Sark that the CIA have fingered them somehow

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