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See Syd run in full camouflage through a tunnel

See Syd shoot down the tunnel at Irina and then duck

See Irina duck, then shoot back down the tunnel at Syd

See Irina escape up a ladder

See Irina look down the ladder

See Syd standing at the bottom of the ladder with a gun

See Irina get shot

See Syd crying over an unseen body

See the rest of this at the end of this episode, because now it
is really going to start five days earlier in LA

with a friendly fed stopping Vaughn and telling him that he has to talk to the investigator from last episode off camera

and just for good measure taking his badge

Jack says yeah, yeah, Vaughn is being investigated, but the important
news is that Irina escaped with Sloane and had planned her escape all
along because she had already nabbed the real Rambaldi heart book

Bummer   Large    

A while later, Dixon goes looking for the majorly-bummed Syd

and finds her in her mom's old cell, saying that she wished her mom had been killed rather than escaping to work with Sloane

and that her mom left her these earrings which we've seen before here    

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