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In the unexploded Tuscan villa,

Sloane gets a call from

Irina who says she was bugged and maybe Sloane and Emily should get out of the villa for a while, just in case

and so Sloane has to convince Emily that they need to leave the villa
by asking a suspicious Emily to trust him

Back in LA, Will appears at another briefing, giving info on the
biotech company that blew up, including the info that the company
had a genetic database of private individuals    Large    

and Marshall, after some fashion comment regarding suede, mentions that a database like that could let someone target special bacteria and stuff that would only hurt one person, and why did Syd's mother call out to Syd and Vaughn

and Jack explains that Irina was saving Syd's life    Large    

Back at a nicely parked private jet in Tuscany

Emily gets a shock at being reunited with Irina, whom she thought had died 20 years before

and Irina gives her old friend a hug, then leaving the couple so that

Arvin could spin his web of lies once more and tell Emily that all
will be well and that the first he knew that Irina was alive was two
months ago, and that he's doing this because Rambaldi will make her
cancer free and live forever

Back at Francie's restaurant

It's dessert time and NotFrancie has a surprise   Large    

a gift for Vaughn

a tie

which Will thinks is incredibly weird and says so    Large    

and Syd thinks is incredibly weird and might have said more  Large    

if her beeper hadn't gone off, calling Vaughn and Syd back to the rotunda 
and out of this very weird dinner    Large    

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